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Welcome to Antigua Overseas Bank

Through our network of correspondent banks, we transfer funds globally. Incorporated in 1990, AOB enjoys offshore status under Antigua's International Business Corporations Act of 1982.

Antigua Overseas Bank Ltd. (AOB) is a member of the ABI Financial Group, a network of affiliated companies providing private and corporate banking, investment, wealth management, insurance, corporate and trust services, corporate formation, brokerage, property development and resort management.

Professionalism and customer service, the bedrock of solid partnerships, are priorities to AOB.AOB’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to offer professional, personalized service in a one-stop-shop environment that caters to the varied needs of existing and potential clients. Our private and corporate banking services and related products are designed to meet the varying needs of high net worth individuals and corporations worldwide.

Contact Us

  • Add: #156 Redcliffe Street, St.John's, Antigua
    P.O. Box 1679, St. John's, Antigua
  • Tel: (268) 484 - 6500
  • Fax:(268) 562 - 8237

About Us

Antigua Overseas Bank Ltd. (AOB) is one of the leading International banking institutions in Antigua and Barbuda, with a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.  Through our network of correspondent banks, we transfer funds globally, providing opportunities and trust services.

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